Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is greatly renowned as the first underwater hotel of Dubai. It is one of the largest construction projects of the world, which is spread over a whopping 260 hectares area. There are three distinct elements of this hotel, which make it unique and different from all the other luxurious hotels of the world. The estimated cost for the construction of the hotel is estimated to be USD450 million. It is considered to be one of the best of engineering wonders in the recent times. This hotel will bestow the guests with one of the rarest experiences of their life - an unforgettable experience, which they may not get anywhere else in the world. The most fascinating experience for the guests will be the experience of walking, dining, drinking, relaxing, dancing, chatting, and sleeping underwater - with all kinds of underwater creatures surrounding them.

The land station is located in the famous Jumeirah beach. This land station of the Hydropolis is the entry point to the hotel. It is from this important point, that the guests can gain admission into the hotel. The land station is in the shape of wave, on entering which, the guests get to view some high tech cinema presentation, on everything related to the aquatic life - as an introduction to what they are about to experience. Guests also get to know more on the underwater architecture of the hotel. The station houses a few marine biology research labs, houses for the staff, parking spaces, and also a few conference centers. The connecting tunnel - almost 515 meters long, is another vital part through which people will be transported by a special train to the main hotel from the land station. The third element which makes up the grand luxurious hotel is the heavenly suites. There are about 220 suites, which are all located underwater.

The suites of Hydropolis are all bubble shaped, and are located about 20-metres under the water. Although all the suites in the hotel are located underground, the twin domes and the ballroom rise to the surface of the water. Guests who will be present in the ballroom will have one of the finest views of Dubai skyline as well as the coastline. Keeping in mind the underwater safety requirements of the guests, the hotel has come up with many techniques. There are a several water tight doors, which can be sealed off by the management of the hotel in case there is an accidental rupture and water starts gushing in. To keep it protected from any kind of probable terror attacks the hotel has its own system of missile defense in place.

Dubai Underwater Hotel will be the ideal destination for honeymooners and couples who want to make their tour memorable. In order to spend a luxurious night in the hotel, you would need to shell out around USD 5500 per night for a room, but it is sure to be an out of the world experience. The hotel was initially scheduled to open its doors in 2007, but due to the herculean task of construction and the recent global economic scenario it got delayed - the hotel is expected to open in 2009, but as 2014 its not opened yet.

If Dubai Underwater Hotel would finally opened, it will truly worth the visit to experience the rare underwater life.